Sunday, January 22, 2012

Games Around The World! 

During the beginning of last semester the entire class did a class activity titled “Games Around the World.”  We all divided up into different groups, and researched games from a chosen country to bring to class and share.  Every group had something fun and unique to share, and we all learned a lot about different countries through their games.  We all played the games each group brought.  Some of the games were for outside the classroom while others were played in the classroom.  Games are a universal thing, and something that can connect us despite differences.  It was fun to take background knowledge of the games we played growing up, and apply it to the new and similar games from other parts of the world.  Many games had similarities with one another and even to games children in the United States play.  It highlights the commonalities between different cultures, and the different ideas that can turn our regular “tag” into something new and exciting.  In the picture above our group is listening to the directions for a type of tag game that we played on campus.  This was a unique and fun way to learn about social studies and apply it in a way we could relate.

Here is a link to a “Games Around the World” website:


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