Sunday, January 15, 2012

    Learning Center / Community Helpers!

 Last semester we all divided into groups to work on lower elementary level learning centers focused on social studies content.  Each group received a different area to focus on.  Some of these areas included economics, all about me, jobs, community, and world homes.  My group had to area of local community.  We focused on second grade social studies standards, and created a fun matching activity placing community helpers with their appropriate “tool.”  Another activity at our learning center was drawing a picture of another type of community helper and what they do in the community.  We had alternate ideas like lifeguard, bus driver, mayor, sanitation worker, principal, and construction worker.  They were all very creative and fun pictures!  This highlighted all the different jobs that are present within a community.  It also points out that each job is valued and needed for a community to function.  I believe that is an important lesson for students to discover, so they take away an appreciation and respect for all the types of workers in the community and the jobs they perform to keep the entire community functioning properly.  It is also a way to make a connection to what students may already know to teach them a valuable lesson about those in the community.  In a later post I will discuss the other learning centers that other groups made, and what lessons I took away from their creative activities.     

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