Sunday, February 12, 2012

Classroom Trading Post

Last week in class we had a trade fair.  Everyone brought in something to trade; many of the items were homemade.  Some people brought in multiple items while others only brought in one item.  I only brought in one item, which I made from duct tape.  I made a lime green and paint blotted tote bag.  A picture of the one I made is below.  I traded for two bags of homemade cookies and scones.  It was a fun activity that showed us how to actively teach economic concepts to young students.  In a classroom you would need to set rules and possibly have the students create their own trade item at school to keep things leveled.  You would then conduct the trade fair and oversee the students’ interactions.  Afterward, students could have a discussion about the trade fair, why they think certain items were more popular, what that means in the real economy, how other trade economies work, and if they have ever witnessed one.  The teacher could provide other examples from around the world and help students compare it to our country’s economy.  The depth of the discussion and learning depends upon the grade level.  The teacher could assess students’ knowledge by having them write in their journal about their experiences or extend the discussion questions.  They could also create a graphic organizer to fill out based on questions provided by the teacher.  There are many ways to connect literacy with this activity based on the grade level.  Below are pictures of the trade fair items we had and pictures of us active in the trade fair process.

Resources about teaching economics:

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