Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ALL About Me Project

Last semester and carrying over to this semester our class did an “All About Me” PowerPoint project about who we are and where we come from.  It has been enjoyable to find out a little more about the people I work with in class.  Our project criteria was:

·      Name and where it comes from
·      Names of your close family and a little information about each member
·      A special person in your life
·      A special event in your life that impacted you
·      Three random facts other may not know about you
·      A quote that describes you and your life
·      Pictures included throughout the PowerPoint
·      Anything else you want to add

I had a lot of fun creating my PowerPoint, but I do not enjoy talking about myself so the presentation part was not my favorite.  The project gives everyone a sense of: who you are, your unique qualities and personality, and how you are similar to others.  I found out some interesting information about my peers, and I think it helped create an even stronger class community.  This would be a great way to help build a classroom community, to get to know students, and to build pride in the uniqueness of each person.  It can easily be connected to literacy.  The presentation is part of the speaking area of literacy.  While others present their project it chances to the listening area of literacy.  You could have students write further questions to one another, or a small paragraph about another person in the class.  The presentation could be connected to a short paper requirement further detailing your project for the teacher and others.  There are numerous possibilities.  You could even fine-tune the PowerPoint requirements adding other areas of interest or making a poster to hang in the class instead of a PowerPoint.  I hope to use something similar in my classroom at the start of the school year to get to know them, for them to learn about one another, and to begin building a classroom community.  

Below is a link to student of the week ideas that are similar to the "All About Me" idea.

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